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Friday, July 16, 2010

Whats halfway between cardiff and essex?

I am looking to buy a car and have to travel from cardiff and arrange a meeting point, so need to know a place in between the two to suggest

What can i do to pass time?

I really wish it was nighttime but what can i do to pass the time?


Close your eyes .....wait 5 seconds ..... and tell me what do you see ?

zalek eltefl alazy kont yawman

Sparkles... Kind of like an explosion of stars in space.
that boy who used to bully me in 5th grade.
Dots..like in space
either a coded message from some other realm (put what ever label you may!) or what ever occupies either of my minds (Conscious or Subconscious)
lying on warm sand on a beach somewhere remote

Hello? Ah...LotR Crew is epic, it is not?

Wonder when we will have the full Fellowship? or the White Council?

Why is denying the holocaust illegal in some countries?

I know I asked this before, but it was deleted by crybabies. Once again I do not deny it, I just don

Does anyone have any info on taylorsville, utah?


Korean Drama Prosecutor Princess - What is Jenny and Seo In Woo trying to do?

Im currently watching the Korean Drama

Travel all over the world